What My Clients Say

Maylei is a powerful guide for the creatively inclined.  I’ve spent the last decade working on different books. I never finished anything.  I had emotional and physical blocks in my body and mind. One day after a session I went home and finished the last 25 pages of my book.  I know her careful questions and the clearing of my energy centers gave me the openness to flow with my work.  Physically, I have had stabbing pains in my hips and quads.  After three sessions of concentrated work, I no longer had the pain in my right thigh and deep hip.  I believe in Maylei’s work and her authenticity as a healer. The work is subtle and deep.

Eda Obey, Massage Therapist and Writer
Long Beach, California

After, my first healing session I felt accelerated change taking place in my body and in my relationships with the people in my life.  After my first session, I felt strong emotions that I hadn’t been able to access which surfaced and then subsided.  While it was intense, it helped clear a lot of stagnation and frustration.  After my fourth session, I felt great clarity, grounded in my body, and ready to make sound decisions about my relationship and career.

Brianna Gonzalez, Marriage Family Therapist
Los Angeles

The process of working with Maylei was magical in many ways. My goal was to complete my dissertation and to receive my Ph.D after years of being stuck. The lack of completion weighed on me and I didn’t feel free to move on with other important things in my life. Maylei has an intuitive and holistic approach to coaching which helped get to the root of the different reasons I was blocked.  She helped systematize what felt like overwhelming work and break it into do-able tasks that I could accomplish each week. There was a lot of emotional healing as well as since the experience of Graduate school and academia was not particularly affirming as a queer person of color.  I clearly remember our first day of coaching where we did a visioning exercise and Maylei helped me feel the joy of what completion would feel like, instead of just feeling the dread. She walked with me every step of the way and provided community, care, healing, and accountability.  She challenged me to give my work value and go deeper.  I really appreciate Maylei’s coaching, cheerleading, and helping me cross that finish line.

Alice Y. Hom, Historian and Social Justice Advocate

Maylei displayed a true talent of bringing clarity to the levels of stress held by various parts of the body. She effectively lifted off intense pain, which brought me immediate relief.  What made it far more than the typical massage session was the warm and clarifying interview before and after. Through guided questions and insight, she helped me gain a new awareness of my body, mind, and spirit had developed certain patterns.  This awareness is the tool I found most empowering.  My overall energy shifted from fear to hope.

Maru, Writer and Translator

The energy healing I received from Maylei was both powerful and gentle. I felt safe and relaxed throughout the process.   It helped me to clear out blockages that I had in my head and my heart.  I felt an immediate release of old stagnant energy that was weighing me down.  I got clear and centered.

Iyatunde, Artist and Teacher

Long Beach, CA

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